The Story

Where it Started

Bill and Robbie met as roommates in Ranger Battalion in 3 rd Ranger Battalion in 1999. They both were kicked out of Ranger Battalion around the same time. Life is always an adventure with these two characters around. The BBQ world is no different! These two wear their heart on their sleeves and never pretend to be anything. They are two sinners that understand their imperfections. Never missing a chance to give a meal to person in need. They desire to be a relevant and active part of the community. Recently forming the “Kimberly Epperson Extended Hearts” Foundation.

What We're About

Bill and Robbie’s Excellent BBQ is Veteran Owned and Operated by Bill Schwenk and Robbie Hughes. In their eyes it’s Gods company first and foremost. This food truck and catering company started serving out of John Emerald Distillery in January 2021. They have done catering events for over 1,100 people in one night. Priding themselves in not being traditional BBQ company. Always offering BBQ with a Twist!